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Christina Bulatao


A smooth, powerful and funky solo artist. Strong and smooth vocals on top of hot grooves.Described in the press as "...like A Mariah Carey soprano line with Whitney Houston Spirit. The style is a little R&B with a fringe of pop and dance. There's a pipline of soul underneath."--The Daily Republic

"Once you hear Christina's songs, they stay in your head, and make you want to dance!  I am so proud of the opening of "The Spring Fling" because of Christina's song- "Destiny"- it says " Hold onto your seat- this is gong to be a fun ride"  Thank you so much, Christina, and Chad, for your music!  I know oneday we'll be listening to you on the radio!!"  Elena Moscatt


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Meet Christina's Producer, Chad Sharp!
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       Born in Yankton, South Dakota in 1977.   Christina was raised there. Even at an early age she knew she wanted to be a performer.   That lead to being involved in musicals and show choirs.   In 1991 Christina moved to Mitchell, SD.   In high school Christina joined a band which, little did she know, included her future producer, Chad Sharp.  After high school the duo began recording material which would later become her debut CD 'Destiny'.   Released in June 2000 the CD has met a great response.  Before the CD was released Christina was already busy promoting online and off.  In January, 2000, Farmclub.com Records flew MTV's Matt Pinfield to film and interview Bulatao.   A short segment aired in Feb, 2000 on USA Networks.  That catapulted Christina's music into high gear. She was booked around the midwest performing at clubs, coffeehouses, and events.   In September 2000 Christina's video for her debut single 'Destiny' was voted the winner on Now.com MP3TV's 30 Second Pitch. The network based in London, UK broadcasts to 70% of the world.   They interviewed Christina and aired her video in 63 countries and 150 million homes around the world. 

       Christina is now busy still promoting 'Destiny' online and off.    She is also in the studio cutting tracks for an upcoming release for 2001.

  Christina's Websites:




"I found Jeni's music on MP3.com last year, and I've been hooked ever since!
She is  a wonderful mixture between Shania Twain, and Jennifer Lopez!  Her music has such feeling to it!
"Angel Baby" is obviously my favorite-  and I'm so proud to have it in this new episode!  "  Elena Moscatt

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Jeni's song, "Angel Baby" will be featured in the 4th episode of Jamie's Way, Spring Fling, and can be heard in the preview of Spring Fling, linked below in Media Player:

 WATCH our preview:

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Jeni's CD:  More Love
Credits Vocals: Jeni Love 
Producer: DigiBoy 

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The face and voice of the new millenium, Jeni Love, has been performing on stage since eight years of age, refining her craft as a performer of the highest calibre. Since those early years, Jeni has been a much sought after session singer in the very competitive Australian recording and live music scene. 

A producers dream...   Jeni's classical vocal training, musical knowledge and extensive studio experience sets her apart from most female performers of today...

She is a consumate performer! Recording and live credits include: Elton John, Randy Crawford, Rick Price and many more. Commercial credits include: Coke, Ansett / Australian Airlines, McDonalds, Triple M FM, Sony and M.T.V New York just to name a few. 

      Jeni is currently writing and recording her own material with the aim of gaining success in the international arena. 

Visit Jeni's personal website at:

Meet Jeni's Producer!!

Click here to visit DIGI BOY,
Jeni's producer, at his MP3.com webpage!



"Connor is obviously a total HOTTIE!!  But besides that, his music is so wonderful- I've listened to some of his songs over, and over again! While filming episode four, we played his song, "Inside Out" for a particular scene (you'll see!), and Jessica kept running over to the CD player, and repeating it- even when we weren't filming!   I'm very proud to have Connor's music in our show!"  Elena Moscatt
Connor's bio was taken from his personal website, 
for his complete bio please visit: http://www.connorobrien.com



Connor Bogart O'Brien was born 21 years ago in the small town of Ashtabula, Ohio. After noticing that he loved to perform, using the fireplace ledge as his tiny stage, his parents enrolled him into playing the violin, thinking that he might take to music. Connor, who grew up on a small farm, never realized that he could sing until he entered his high school years. "It really kind of came as a surprise to me that not everyone else in the world could do what I did.   I just assumed everyone could sing."

       During his college years, it quickly became apparent to Connor that he had something special after he was offered the understudy to the leading role in The National German Touring Production of Miss Saigon, and only a few years later made it to the final round of New York City auditions in ABC's "Making The Band". "Making The Band was an experience no one could even try to forget. It really gave you an idea of what you were up against, and I felt pretty well being there at the end of the second audition day, after 250 others had been sent home." 

       Now, having completed his training, Connor has begun his journey into the music industry as one of the hottest young performers on the market, showcasing his complete devotion to bringing his own uniqueness and originality to today's music. "I see a huge void waiting to be filled in the pop music field. New acts are continuing to follow and imitate the original trendsetters, not willing to take a chance and carve their own niche; but that is exactly what I'm going to do. Create different songs, push my voice to the limit, and collaborate with artists no one would expect you to. That is how you make it to the top. But more importantly... that is how you stay at the top."

Visit Connor's AWESOME website at:

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A wonderful September 11th Tribute song: Where Are You Now

       By Connor O'Brien- please visit his tribute page to listen to his new song: "Where are you now" http://www.connorobrien.com/audio/tribute/    This song is so beautiful that it gives me shivers- please listen to it!!  Thank you for such a wonderful song, Connor!

For more information about Connor O'Brien- please visit our music page HERE, and his official site here: http://www.connorobrien.com 




JENGURLClick here to go to Jengurl's website, or to buy her CD's

"This song is featured in the front and back of "Tyler's Way"
It's such an AWESOME song, part of a wonderful CD!"  Elena Moscatt

Click here to go to Jengurl's website, or to buy her CD'sHigh Heels

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music at MP3.com

For more info on Jengurl check out 


  CD Stick A Fork In It
     Label Penguinville Record
Credits All Good Girls Go To Heaven Music (BMI)

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So just who is this Jengurl who has been popping up on Lilith Fair, radio and internet charts and in clubs and coffee houses across America?  Merely a charming and hardworking, self-described "indie chick with a guitar" making her own way in the music world with the pluck that comes from following one's muse and dreams. 

       Jengurl developed her artistry in two of America's most musical cities: Seattle, where she sang in top local rock acts before going solo, and Austin, where she now lives.   Her independence, determination and career savvy have earned her the inevitable comparisons to such other feisty gals with guitars as Ani DiFranco and Mary Lou Lord, while her lithe vocal style has been likened to Tori Amos and Kate Bush. 

       Armed with a guitar, incredible songwriting craft and a "voice capable of mesmerizing an audience", she travels the country in her van playing shows across the nation winning a legion of fans from coast to coast.


JAMIE'S BROTHER Click here to buy Jamie's Brother CD's

"I've listened to this song so many times...  It feels like a "classic" to me!
A wonderful modern day "80's-like" song.   I also love "21" and "Down" on their MP3 website!" Elena Moscatt

Members/Songwriters (L-R in pic) 

Michael Ladman- Drums
Jeff Harmon- Vocals
Paul Ecker-Bass
Chris Wright- Lead Guitar
Chris Nelson- Guitar & Keys

CD Jamie's Brother
Label Blind Fish
    (C) 1997 Jamie's Brother

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music at MP3.com

Take a listen to:

Featured in episode Three, 
Tyler's Way
Click here to listen to Drive
       Jamie's Brother could quite possibly be the Southwest's best-kept musical secret. The gritty five piece band shines as a welcome reminder of how much fun potent, adrenaline-injected rock and roll should be. Since 1994, through pure persistence and raw talent, Jamie's Brother has written more than 70 songs and earned a solid reputation and following as one of the southwest's premiere rock bands. By blending aggressive non-traditional rock with the accessibility of vague commercial pop, Jamie's Brother capitalizes on a wealth of diverse musical influences rooted all the way back to the mid-eighties. The music itself is a smooth combination of intelligent songwriting flair, fervor and ground-down melodic grooves. The band's songs are an ardent mix of musical intensity, catchy hooks, lyrical complexity and disarming melodies. The result is wide-open musical accessibility and total disregard for trendy industry inclinations, with musical instincts and talents that speak for themselves.

click here to listen to JAMIE'S BROTHER'S 
music at MP3.com




Lysa is not only a personal friend, but an inspiration! 
Her music is breathtaking, mystical, and so visual!  It stays in your mind!"  Elena Moscatt
Click here to read Lysa's bio
Click on the pic above to read Lysa's bio.

Lysa will be playing a role in Jamie's Way!!  She will first be seen in our 5th episode via the magic of filmmaking!  Her scene will be filmed in LA while the rest of the scene will be filmed in Baltimore!  We're not telling you about her character yet- except that she'll be a totally sexy character- one that Jamie's Mom might be quite threatened by!!  Stay tuned and keep an eye on our News Section for more details!!

Lysa's new band- The Lysa Nalin Band plays often in clubs and coffee shops around Los Angeles California.   For all the newest news about her band- visit her MP3.com website.

We will have video footage of her band in concert on this page coming soon!!



See the video to
"If It Were My World"
featuring the cast of

 WATCH our preview:

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  Kristin's Interview,
and a photo shoot featuring 
Lysa's song, "Truth"

 WATCH our preview:

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** "Truth" is also featured in the first documentary,
"Fun With The Cast of Jamie's Way"
seen on our Blooper's page.

To buy Lysa Nalin's CD's, click below
To buy Lysa's CD, click here
(C) Lysa Nalin 2001


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Music at MP3.com


Lysa Nalin's management company




"The Dipsomaniacs were the first band I contacted for Jamie's Way!
Their song, "Get Off My Bike" was used in our 2nd episode,
and Mick Chorba, the lead singer heads an awesome label in New Jersey called Face Down Records.
The Dipsomaniacs have a wonderful youthful fast sound that keeps you on your feet!"  Elena Moscatt
mick chorba - vocals guitars
matt maciolek - bass vocals 
ron mitchell - guitars vocals 
tom o'grady - drums vocals
file under: 
power pop (on recordings) 
garage rock
(on the road and in the basement

click here to listen to THE DIPSOMANIACS
music at MP3.com


                      formed to drink cheap beer and play songs they love - the Dipsos have not changed their philosophy much in the years since they first formed in New Jersey in the mid 90s.  However, much has changed as the band's particularly potent blend of power and melody has garnered a larger audience through hundreds of raucous live shows from NJ, Philly, and Baltimore across the states to their 1999 performance at the Los Angeles based International Pop Overthrow Festival.   Due to their  acclaimed CD, Undertow, the band has gained international exposure through positive reviews in countless zines and music rags and a buzz heard by all who appreciate garage influenced rock & roll with tight harmonies, catchy melodies, crunchy guitars, and Keith Moon style drumming that doesn't stop.  The Dipsomaniacs are busy now in the year 2000 riding a wave of momentum while recording their finest material yet for a new CD scheduled for a Spring 2001 release. 


One of our favorite record labels!
The little label from NJ that loves rock & roll!
email:  facedown@ix.netcom.com
power pop - pop - garage - rock

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