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height:  5'6
eyes: hazel
hair: brown
age: 15 years old
favorite sport:  singing, dancing, arm wrestling
favorite subjects:  computer science, English, art
favorite guy: Toby Jones
hobbies:  web design, film, fashion
favorite date:  spending time with the guy I adore by the beach or lake (like at Lake Bathany!)
color: purple, baby blue
candy: blow pops
chocolate: snickers
cereal: Golden Grahams
Gum: Winter fresh
flower: daisies
ice-cream flavors: chocolate brownie fudge
bad habs: rolling eyes, biting nails
quote:  Whatever
animals: frogs, zebras
lipstick:  anything glossy
jewelry: bracelets, gems on arms, big hoops, anything sparkly
clothing: capri pants, tank tops, glittery tanks
movie: Pretty Woman
tv show:  Gilmore Girls & The Real World
hobbies: chillin with my friends,shopping,web designing, and dancing 
chatting on the net!



       JAMIE WATTS is 17 years old, and a Senior in high school.  She goes to the Greenfield School, a private school in the county that goes from nursery school to the twelfth grade.  She's been there for six years.   Before that she was going to the local elementary school, Guilford Elementary and walking to school with her childhood pals, Lonnie Porter , and Kristie Lords.  They still walk to school together- they go to Guilford High. 
        Jamie’s best friend is April Karlow    This is April's 5th year at Greenfield.  Jamie has been showing her around.  At first she was very shy, but now the real April is starting to come out- she now has two “boyfriends”!
        Jamie has had an immense crush on Toby Jones for a couple years now.  At first, when they shared a car pool together, she felt he didn't notice her.  But now he's dating Samantha Jenkins , and his mother gave him a new car for his 16th birthday.   Jamie is becoming closer to Toby as a friend.  He seems to confide in her when he has troubles with Samantha, or his mother. 
       When Jamie gets lonely or confused, she talks to her friend "King Motor mouth Yang" on the computer.  They talk through e-mail or instant messages.  They started talking one day when she first got the computer- he instant messaged her.  She knows it is someone she knows because he always seems to know what's up.  But she hasn't quite figured out who yet. 
      Jamie lives in the city in a row home that her family owns.  Her parents just recently divorced.  Her brother Mark and her live with their mother, Lauren , who owns a clothing shop in Fells Point.  Her father Daniel lives in a condo fifteen minutes away.   Her next door neighbor is a guy named Freddie.   She and Freddie are very close- she enjoys having discussions with him outside on the porch.    Like many teenage girls, Jamie loves the Back Street Boys,  O-Town, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears.   BUT unlike most teens her Uncle Asher is also a very famous rock star.  He's the lead singer of the AWESOME new band 13-13. 

Jamie with her best friend, April Karlow.

                      Me and the gang!




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