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Online Casino Test

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Digidip founder Spielberger about cryptos: „There are two extremes felt“

Digidip is an affiliate network that earns money through clicks. We asked founder Sabrina Spielberger about Blockchain, Bitcoin & Co.

Hi Sabrina. You have built something with digidip in the last years, which can be seen. With 95 networks, 40,000 dealers and three million daily users, you have grown into a profitable company since 2013.

What role does blockchain technology play in your cryptosoft business?

Unfortunately, the big problem in our cryptosoft industry is that almost all AdTech companies rely on extremely high scaling. A network like digidip alone, which forwards 35 users per second, reaches the limits of current blockchain technologies relatively quickly, although most of them are already working on this challenge of scaling, such as here in Berlin – Polkadot, Cosmos or Herdius. Nevertheless, at the moment we are unfortunately still too far away from solving tracking or anti-fraud problems in our industry.

No one has yet asked for crypto trader

As payment options you list on your website PayPal or bank transfer – wouldn’t crypto currencies also be a good option? Why not? On the one hand, we mainly work with professionally positioned crypto trader who have many employees and are therefore still dependent on cash payments, and on the other hand, surprisingly, no one has actually asked for payments in cryptos. But we can also well imagine offering crypto payouts soon, at least via

You probably have quite a good insight into the German market. What do you think the Germans think about crypto currencies?

There are two extremes. The people who are totally convinced. They are happy about the new possibilities, about the independence through decentralization and are excited about the future. And then there are also some on the completely different spectrum, for which usually crypto currencies consist entirely of Bitcoin and are very skeptical about the topic. Here still much clearing-up work must be carried out.

Legal framework is very important
What do you think has to happen for that to change? What chances do you see for crypto currencies?

Even though many people see regulation as a problem, I think it is very important that a legal framework is created. That will happen one way or the other, if you just resist it, you can’t do any further training for decision-makers, nor can you influence the direction of regulation. It would be important for more people from the community to be actively involved in educational projects.

What do you think about blockchain technology and crypto currencies?

I follow the topic very curiously, of course, also through my husband, who works actively in the industry. There are an incredible number of great application examples and I am sure that many industries will look fundamentally different in 5-10 years.

Do you still want to get something off your chest?

Finally, I want to say that it will be important to work on solutions for the known scaling problems and to provide better information. Almost everyone can participate here, be it only with Meet-ups or the active employment e.g. with the federal block registered association.