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Digidip founder Spielberger about cryptos: “There are two extremes felt”

HOME DIGIDIP-FOUNDER SPIELBERGER ABOUT CRYPTOS: “THERE ARE TWO EXTREMES FELT” Digidip is an affiliate network that earns money through clicks. We asked founder Sabrina Spielberger about Blockchain, Bitcoin & Co. Hi Sabrina. You have built something with digidip in the last years, which can be seen. With 95 networks, 40,000 dealers and three million daily

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Warning against Bitcoin

Yesterday, Thursday, several politicians issued an urgent warning about Bitcoin. Two left-wing MPs warned that the Bitcoin hype is feeding the illusion that you can get rich completely without work. But this is only granted to the wealthy or fraudsters. Warning tones came also from the boss of the Japanese central bank, Haruhiko Kuroda likewise

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Ethereum Classic – with sidechains to a new identity

With sidechains, improved interoperability with other blockchains and a light client for IoT applications, the crypto currency separated from Ethereum now wants to finally gain its own identity. A quick look at the Ethereum Classic roadmap. Ethereum Classic is growing up Before the Hard-Fork-Mania Bitcoins, Ethereum already had such a roadmap: In the course of

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