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the cast of Jamie's Way and her Jamie Cam

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current pics of Krysten and Danielle


Danielle Faurot by Anil CS Rao

This is a portrait by photographer Anil CS Rao of model Danielle Faurot - our punk rock girl in episode two of LAL.    Danielle also played April Karlow   in Jamie's Way back in 1999- 2001.

Danielle Faurot from Jamie's Way

Danielle's character, "Jamie Karlow" will be seen again in episode four- filming in the spring of 2010. She's BAACCK!!!! "Are you filming me?

Danielle will be graduating from Dental Hygienist School  in May 2010.  She and her  classmates are having a blast.  They even made their own film about it!!

Kris models, bartends, works in an office as well as does promotinal modeling.  She just turned 24 years old.  She acted in Jamie's Way when she was 11 years old thru 16 years old.  When she was 18 years old she was in a scene as an extra in HBO's series The Wire.  Her role was special- she got to be one of the more exclusive extras in a scene with Stringer Bell , Omar and Proposition Joe!  Very cool!!

Kris also worked on the set of The Wire as a craft services assistant, as well as a props assistant.  

Check out these pics taken on the set of The Wire over the five years HERE


Life After Lisa
The Web Series Life After Lisa and Click On This
are looking for TALENT!!   Click On This!!


Jamie's Way was filmed from 1998- 2001

There were four episodes filmed and lots of pictures taken.  The cast has grown up.  Updates on the cast will be coming shortly.  

Enjoy the webisodes of both Life After Lisa and Click On This, two series seen at www.FilmFest.com

Danielle's interview on Click on This will be up shortly.  She will also start to work as a reporter for us on Click On This.  Stay Tuned for more!!  

Jamie's Way is BACK!!!

Danielle's Dental Hygiene Video



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